Eclectic music ranging from Ambient, Cinematic, Jazz to Heavy genres.
Sounds beyond imagination.

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Other Releases & Co-Productions

Custom Music & Sound Design
for Video, Film & Advertising

> Synthwalker Productions have provided custom-made compositions and audio productions for companies such as GOODYEAR, NISSAN, ORION PHARMA, ROVIO, FORTUM, NELONEN, AURINKOMATKAT, FIKSURUOKA, CLEANMYMAC, ROCKWAY..

Selection of recent, non-exclusive tracks

Burana - Kipua Vastaan (2019)
Music & Production: Panu-Pekka Rauhala
Sound Design: Totte Rautiainen
Pablo Films

Nissan Patrol (2016)
Music & Production: Panu-Pekka Rauhala
Sound Design: Panu-Pekka Rauhala

Aurinkomatkat - Tokyo (2019) - TV/Online
Music & Production, Sound Design
Panu-Pekka Rauhala

Sonuscore Contest (2022)
Music & Production, Sound Design:
Panu-Pekka Rauhala

Fiksuruoka Theme & Logo (2021)
Music, Sound Design, Audio Logo,
Full Audio Production: Panu-Pekka Rauhala

Additional services:
> Music composition and production for sync licensing companies on both non-exclusive and exclusive bases.
> Arrangements, sheet music & production help, both live & studio.
> Label services: e.g. publishing & distributing music to streaming services.

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